O’Donnell and the Koch Brothers

Lawrence O’Donnell this past week made a rather widely publicized statement about the Koch Brothers.

Apparently he is accustomed to disparaging these two men because they use their resources to promote conservative political agendas. But this time he was taking note that David Koch had donated a large amount of money to a hospital which proved beneficial to the liberal MSNBC host. Then he went on to talk about how he could hold these two conflicting ideas at the same time. He believes the Koch brothers do harm with their money politically, but he also believes the Koch brothers do beneficial things with their money by funding hospitals.

If he believes they are doing something immoral by contributing to conservative causes, does he also believe people who give large amounts to liberal causes should be publically chastised or branded? There certainly are large, liberal contributors who intentionally use their money to try and shape public policy. Mr. O’Donnell uses his position to promote liberal causes. He apparently believes a person who uses his influence to promote liberal causes is practicing their rights and freedom of speech, but a person who does the same to promote conservative causes is doing something unfair.

I think he missed an opportunity to learn something. He is not allowed to tell others how they spend their money, but if he could, his own quality of life would have been negatively impacted.


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