Published Stories and Books

FlashDogs Time coverTime

This is the third FlashDogs Anthology. I was honored to participate and have three stories in this edition. Flashdogs is a lose community of writers from all over the globe who enjoy reading and writing flash fiction. It is available from Amazon and if you choose to purchase it, all the proceeds will go to a selected literacy based charity.


Spiritual Citizens  Spiritual Citizens large

This is a Christian anthology of flash fiction pieces edited by Kim Bond. It includes a story of mine titled Grandmother’s Scars. It is intended to be circulated as a free ebook, to be used as a witnessing tool. Here is a link to acquire it in a number of different formats. One of the easiest ways to read it is to just view it as a PDF in your browser.


Splickety Prime 4.2

Splickety is a magazine for flash fiction. In this issue they went with a wild west theme. They selected a story of mine regarding a woman who had been kidnapped by indians and was struggling with the difficulties of life as a slave. Her opportunity to escape comes in the form of a cavalry horse taken in battle. Horse and rider both make a commitment to life even in changing circumstances.

prime_coverSplickety Prime 4.1

This was my first story picked up by Splickety it is about bring your daughter to work day. It can be a wonderful experience, but when dad is an officer assigned to the homicide unit, it might be tricky not traumatizing the kids with the content of the workplace. For one little girl though, the nuances of the squad room and the rigors of witness interviews are taken in stride.



This is the news magazine for Arizona Southern Baptists. I have written numerous articles for them over several years. Sometimes just reporting on details of different state meetings and events.  Other times the articles promote some aspect of Christian Life.  Currently (Febraury 2016) on their website I have an article for the recent Pastor’s Summit highlighting the My316 materials. In April 2016 they will publish an issue on prayer and I will have an article therein on prayer walking for and with the church planter serving there. I am also working on the bible study they will make available online to go with the Arizona Mission Offering for 2016. This is the third year they have asked me to write the AMO Bible study.


The Storeroom of the HeartCover

This book was my first experience at writing and publication. It was printed by CrossBooks, but is now only available by contacting me directly or attending an event where I will have copies available for sale. It might well find its way into print again in the future, and if so I will raise as much attention as I can, here and elsewhere.