Theology of Missions

Every believer should consider their theology of missions.

Most of us can quote a few verses, the great commission and so on. We can tell a few stories, for example, we probably know about the man of Macedonia signaling Paul to come over.

But these tidbits hardly make for a thorough understanding. And more importantly they do not motivate us to action. This is what we really need, something to jumpstart our hearts and motivate us to action. Christianity was never meant to be so passive.

For example, if we believe our efforts make an eternal difference in the lives of others, they may go to heaven rather than hell because of our efforts—then we would care enough to act.

Or if we loved God so much we wanted Him to be glorified by our actions. If we wanted the heavenly choir singing His praises to be larger, and for more people to know how great He is—then we would act accordingly

Perhaps if we thought God would incorporate us into His plan for expanding the kingdom. So our actions on mission for Him would be the one thing which gave our lives true meaning—then we would joyfully respond.

Every believer should consider their theology of missions. But before you say you don’t need to, before you claim these issues are already settled in your mind and heart, take note—your actions or your lack of action reveal your true theology.


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