Flash Friday Competition

My post for today is actually my (disqualified) entry in the Flash Friday Competition. Perhaps you would like to go take a look and enter the competition?  The idea is to look at the picture and then in the comments post a fiction piece of whatever length they specify that week. Here is a link, if you have time for a bit of fun. http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/flash-friday-39/


Bored Meeting

Somewhere there is a board meeting going on. But it doesn’t matter. Reggie is not on the agenda. He just has to be present because he is a VP, and I, his assistant, have to be here. To assist him.

But he can pretend to listen without my help. So I am taking my flight of fancy.

Reggie is my fancy, but there is a barrier between us. I don’t understand how to get through.

I knew he would wear that shirt. I know him so well. I chose my matching dress. He hasn’t notice.

I took a flying carpet on this dream. I could have flown, after all in my imaginings, I have wings. But I needed to bring a unicorn to pick the lock. Unicorns don’t fly. Duh!

And it turns out they don’t pick locks. They don’t talk to snails either. The unicorn is turning out to be downright useless.  And who knew they were afraid of heights.

Unfortunately, they do attract dragons. I can only maintain this flight for a little while. If I am caught day dreaming they will fire me. I wonder if Reggie would object.

I wonder if he has nice feet.

What is that friend unicorn? This door has no lock. The lock is in the tree on the other side. Then how are we supposed to get to it?

Simply walk around the door? Simply approach the man?

But what if something dreadful is waiting on the other side? Something like the CEO or the COO, now there is a dangerous old wizard if I ever saw one.

Fears are not so easily side stepped.

I really should be taking notes, instead of fantasizing about my boss.

That man should wear a dunce cap. I have fawned over him for months. He still doesn’t know I am falling in love with him.