Student Loans

Our government has completed legislation to keep student loans affordable. This action guaranteed we will have the best educated unemployed people in the world.

While we can be somewhat proud to know there is at least one issue breaking through the gridlock in Washington, no one should believe this step will turn around our national decline. Education is an important part of building strength, but the study has to have a practical outcome within the US economy.

First we need to admit higher education is getting to be too expensive to be realistic in many fields. If the government is going to float a loan to a student for $250,000 of education which will qualify them to earn no more than $30,000 a year, it doesn’t take a math major to predict the loans will never be repaid.

Then we need we need to consider if graduates in more lucrative fields can expect to find jobs. If politicians want to improve life for these future collegians, they should create a employment friendly economic and regulatory climate. As it stands now those jobs are likely to be outsourced.

Finally those seeking higher education need to have clear goals for their degree work. Too often college is a way for high school graduates to avoid entering real life. They go to school, living off of student loans funded by the government. In some cases even the serious students are given nothing more than theories and ideologies rather than solid marketable skills.

Education can be great, but in today’s environment it is far too often, just another massive financial loss our government is expected to absorb.