The Practice of Dressing

ID-100119732For my Theology Thursday comments this week I wanted to address an issue which is beginning to come up a lot again. The issue is should a Christian dress up to go to church or not?

The question seems to be, “Is it better to dress up for church?” But the deeper issue is, “What does God desire from believers?”

I believe it can be demonstrated from Scripture, God expects reverence. Disrespecting God should be avoided at all costs. However, it is impossible to separate culture from respectful behavior, and cultural signs of respect change over time.

The common thought today is dressing up is no longer a reflection of the inner condition of the heart. Therefore, God is not concerned with what we wear, but what we have inside of us. This line of reasoning makes the whole discussion about us. It should be a discussion about Him.

If I was invited to the Washington to have dinner with a politician I respected and liked, if I was there to promote a cause I really cared about. Would I dress up?

If the answer to that is yes, then I have proven I should dress up for the Lord. But I am pretty sure in today’s world a lot of people would not dress up. It is no longer a standing rule that such events require formal dress.

If I give you a conclusion, it would be this—follow your own conscience. Like so much of Christianity, we do not make the decision for the person next to us, we make the decision for ourselves. When we find those around us make a different decision, well that’s okay. On some issues it’s not a matter of who is right and who is wrong,


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