Doctrine of Healing

As I write this I am sitting in the surgical waiting area of a hospital. My wife is upstairs being prepped for surgery. So today for Theology Thursday I will post about a doctrine of healing.

I believe God wants us to voice our concerns to Him, including asking for healing. He hears our prayers and I believe changes the world based on our requests. Christians should never hesitate to share their fears, concerns, requests and pleas for assistance with God

I believe our faith has something to do with whether or not God answers our prayers. This is why Jesus often encouraged faith before responding to people’s needs with miracles. But I also think God is always sovereign. He can choose to do or not do anything He wants. He can choose to heal the worst of sinners, and He will eventually take, even the best of saints, home to heaven.

I think our faith needs to be correctly placed. This means trusting Him and His choices. If we think we must believe God will heal us before He will heal us, that is to say, we must place faith in our healing instead of or in addition to placing faith in God, then we are misplacing faith. This is a form of idolatry and bossing God around. My Christianity makes Him my Lord; rather than Him my servant whom I control by expressing my faith.

I believe illness and injury are quite often a tool God uses to better our character and eternity. We may not see how, we may not understand the details. What difference does that make? Do we expect to understand everything God does? Trusting Him without knowing the details is one of the first lessons we can learn from illness, but God may also use it to increase our wisdom, patience, humility, servitude, and more.