One of the weekly writing contests I sometimes enter is giving us three words to describe our New Year’s resolutions.  If you want to enter here is the link.

Three words is not much. How can I encapsulate my goals for the following year in just three words?

Earn more money? – I would love to be able to tell my wife her responsibilities toward the household income were substantially decreased, or eliminated altogether.

Do God’s will? Pray more deeply? Read Scripture discerningly? – All of these have to do with a desire to serve God and be more intimately involved in His work.

Do not lie? Clean your mind? Purify your heart? – These would reflect my ongoing desire to be a better person, after all, any real improvement in the world begins with our taking personal responsibility for ourselves.

Write more clearly? Write more often? Write for Jesus? – I feel a deep calling to write and especially to Christian writing so its natural this would be a part of it, somehow.

The problem with three words is they limit so much what you can say.  The benefit of just three words is by limiting what you say, it makes you really consider your choices. (Of course, there is another benefit. It makes the goals so generic it’s easier to pretend you are meeting them.)

So here goes

Character, Calling, Accomplishment

Character because everything else is worthless if my integrity is not maintained.

Calling because the activities of life should be ordered after the voice of God in my life; setting priorities and choosing the path.

Accomplishment because in every area of life, benefits do not come from what I start, but from what I finish.

Before I stop let me ask you a question.  Do you know how to accomplish your goals, how to live out your resolutions? One way to do that is to understand the principle of the heart as a storeroom.  If you have not already done so, consider reading my book The Storeroom of the Heart. It will show you how to harness the power of heart to reach your goals in life. It can be purchased anywhere books are sold, ebook or paper. Here is one source