Bathroom Wisdom

One of the political movements that I can’t make heads or tails of is the law to give legal protection to those who choose to use the restroom labeled for the other gender. All over America, cities have passed laws making it legitimate for a man to enter a woman’s restroom and for a woman to use a man’s restroom.

This law is advocated as a means of supporting the LGBT community, but it also seems likely to have the effect of allowing predators easy access to victims. Apparently preventing sexual violence is of less concern than the possibility that a LGBT individual would feel oppressed by having to use the restroom designed for people of their same physical gender.

This is the root issue behind recent events in Houston. The mayor subpoenaed the sermons from five local pastors. She felt they had crossed some kind of line by preaching against the law before it was passed in that city. The idea her office could take charge of what was presented in local pulpits was eventually rejected. I have mixed reports on whether she is still seeking to access the statements and print communications made by these church leaders, outside of worship. Apparently she is under the impression pastors have a different freedom of speech than the rest of the country? So it’s illegal or immoral to oppose a law that is not passed yet?

So safety has to take a back seat to the LGBT demands. Then the first amendment is given an LGBT exception. Apparently LGBT concerns now rule the world.

Maybe we better rethink these choices. First give us back our constitution. I promise you, no matter how politically correct you think you are, you are going to miss it when it is gone.

Next let’s return to common sense. It is more important to return to protecting society from physical danger than from social awkwardness.

Finally, for those who feel oppressed, get over it. Get tougher, learn not to be a slave of your feelings. Allow yourself to be inconvenienced for the safety of others, rather than expecting others to be placed in peril to preserve your convenience.