Justice and Injustice

In order to bring about a more just America we need to recognize what justice is and how it behaves. It doesn’t hurt to have an idea of how it contrasts with injustice.

Justice is time consuming. It takes time for investigation. In our soundbite society, whatever you see on the news is likely to be more for the sake of ratings than truth telling. Injustice makes snap decisions based on assumptions rather than clearly understood facts.

Justice is blind to details such as race, gender, income, and political position. Injustice cannot see beyond these points. Justice will see all of human life equally despite any of these issues, while injustice will separate people into groups trying to define the value of each category.

Justice is calm and seeks to spread calm in order to allow true issues to be addressed. Injustice is emotional and seeks to spread anger and other negative emotions in order to manipulate both the offended and the public. 

Justice is quiet and honors boundaries around the privacy of individuals. Injustice screams loudly, and has no boundaries. Justice will prevent the further victimization of those affected, but injustice will force the victim into the spotlight in order to retry their case in public, not allowing them to move on from the trauma.

Injustice can gather a lot of attention. It will likely claim it is going to bring about positive change, but in the process will only be perpetuating itself. Justice will get less attention, but in the long run will see truth served.


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