Theology of Imperfection

I believe humans are imperfect, because of sin, and incapable of perfection on earth. More importantly we should continue to strive for perfection as a due diligence of our repentance. Confession is necessary because we have not fully overcome our bent toward sinning. However, Christ on our behalf, has fully overcome our sin, but we must never use this as an excuse for taking our sin lightly.

Human beings sin. I have met people who deny the fact, but this claim can only be made in a very egocentric view of life. A look at how our actions affects others will demonstrate we have all done things we know harm others, therefore we have sinned.

I also believe we are not currently capable of eliminating all sin. We do not understand the full implications of our actions, nor do we fully suppress the effects of temptation on our lives. These two facts together will lead us to return to sin, even with severe efforts on our side to avoid doing wrong.

Believers can deal with these crisis of behavior by confessing their faults to God and allowing Him to forgive their sins and cleanse them from it. This reality of sin in the believer and the relief from it is described in 1 John 1:8-9.

How the church and believers react to these realities seems to be changing in recent years. Some Christian music, a few books and quite a bit of preaching have adopted the idea even our sin glorifies God. It is all a part of God’s plan so, go with it. Enjoy and embrace life, including living out the sin nature God has for you. I hope you reject this concept. Paul dealt with it in Romans 6:1 and threw out the possibility.

If we are seeking God’s best in our lives we should continue on the path of repentance. We should fight and resist sin every step of the way. Not because we will reach perfection, but because sin is an affront to God. It robs us of potential and robs Him of glory.


2 thoughts on “Theology of Imperfection

  1. Dear Pastor,

    Thank you for this message! I know that I’m imperfect, and that I still sin. I pray to GOD to help me to overcome this sin. Daily I talk to GOD to let me hear his small voice. I thank my Dear Lord for helping me with this sin and help me to remember! I often forget, but than I hear His small voice! GOD is soo GREAT and AWESOME! I’m glad GOD has patience with me!

    Pastor, I thank GOD for you and Stephanie, and that He put us in our pathway. Thank you Pastor for all you do! I appreciate it very much!

    May GOD richly bless you both and keep you both in His loving tender care!

    Love, peggy

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