St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The LGBT steamroller is aiming at the oldest and largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade this morning. The parade in question is the one in New York City, where the mayor of the city has chosen not to participate. They do so based on the idea that preventing the LGBT community from carrying signs and promoting themselves at the event is discriminatory. Looking at the Parades official website you can see all the groups planning to March this morning.

On the list are lots of pipe bands, lots of city and county governments, and lots of high school bands.  When I scanned the list I did not find any group supporting anything other than the Irish community, Catholicism, or the local government. Nobody on the list is there to promote themselves as in yay for black people or Jewish or Baptist or anything other than Irish Catholic.

Despite this, when the homosexual community is told they can’t do what no one else can do, sponsors pull out, the media gets behind it, and freedom is sent scurrying for cover.

Recently in Arizona a common sense law to try and protect religious freedom was attacked in a similar way. The failure to pass the law seems has many people believing the new state of the law is that right of refusal no longer exists in this country. You must serve whoever walks into your storefront and asks for service. It doesn’t matter if what they are asking you to do offends you or not.

So my suggestion to the organizers of the New York St Patrick’s Day Parade is to bring suit against the mayor. He has no right to turn you down, just because he is offended by your choices. You cannot turn away from serving people whose views differ from yours, that would be discrimination. So get a judge to force him to March.

I am pretty sure this course of action would fail. In our country you can force a Christian to participate in a homosexual event which is offensive to them, but you cannot force someone to participate in an Irish event. The homosexual community are quickly becoming a specially recognized group, with their rights being more protected than the rights of others.


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