Philosophy of Work

Humanity was made for the purpose of serving, knowing, loving and spending eternity with God. Definitions like this has been a part of Christianity for a couple of thousand years. If there is a difference in the way I choose to phrase it, it is my choice to put serving first. Humanity is made to do meaningful work, and when we are kept from working we suffer from a lowered quality of life.

We were assigned to work beginning in the Garden of Eden. Some people see this as a punishment for sin, but look closer and notice this assignment started before the fall. The fall, the introduction of sinfulness to this earth, made the assignment harder but was after the inception of the task.

Study the book of Ecclesiastes to get an idea of how important it is for our work to be meaningful. The author of this book struggled with life, work and mostly himself to see the meaning in his tasks. People today are not much different. We have an innate need to see the value of our work.

Another aspect of our work being valuable to us is, our own labors make us invested in the area in which we work. This investment connects us and motivates us in the different arenas of our life. When a man is not invested in his family, church, workplace, hobbies or anywhere else, these bonds will be in danger of breaking. Choosing one of these as an example, the work a man does for the sake of his family helps to keep his love for his family strong.

In conclusion, we were made to do meaningful things. So my assignment for the day is decide what meaningful task you will accomplish and then look for who and what it serves. Do an intentional study of your work for the day and see if it stands up to God’s purposes in assigning humanity work.


2 thoughts on “Philosophy of Work

  1. Charles, I enjoyed this post. With so many people out of work and not willing to take care of themselves I related well to this. I need to get back into Ecclesiastes to see God’s pattern.
    God bless you in 2014.

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