Theology for Christian Writers

Today I want to point to the blog for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.  I have a guest post up today on their blog called Theology for Christian writers.  I hope you go, read it, enjoy it and share it with all your friends.  I have only been to a few Christian Writers Conferences but these individuals impressed me so much that I enjoy looking for other opportunities to work with them.


2 thoughts on “Theology for Christian Writers

  1. Thank you for such a clear and powerful exhortation to Christian writers! I very much appreciate your position that writers should write strongly from their own theological beliefs rather than trying to appeal to a broad audience. I struggle with that, and it did me good to hear you say that! I also heartily agree with your call for doctrinal excellence, and commend you for not sidestepping predestination. You are an excellent thinker and writer with a solid foundation of truth; keep doing what you’re doing!

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