What do you believe about forgiveness?

Do you believe humanity needs forgiveness? I do. We do things we know are wrong. When we do wrong it is offensive. God is offended. People around us are offended. We even offend ourselves. All this offensiveness needs reconciliation, or to put that in the word of the day, we all need forgiveness.

Do you believe God offers forgiveness to humanity? I do. God, being omniscient, knew what humanity would be like.  If He did not want to extend forgiveness to humanity He would not have created us, or at least not in our current form. He knew we would sin, and also knew what the solution was going to be.

Why do you think God used the cross as a means of forgiveness? The cross was a demonstration put on for humanity. It was a means God designed to show both His love for us and the nature of eternal life. He was not forced to the cross by some cosmic law, He is the highest law. He chose the cross. It was a way of putting a choice in front of humanity—the choice of what will we do with Jesus.

How have you responded to the offer? I hope that you have asked Jesus to be forgive your sins and committed the rest of your life to live for Him. This is not the only choice, but it is the best choice.


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