The Political Antichrist

Recently it has been stated by Barbara Walters in an interview on CNN in reference to President Obama, “We thought he was going to be . . . the next messiah.”

I believe this is about the scariest condemnation of our culture I have ever heard. I am aware Barbara Walters was not attempting to speak to culture, but instead to politics. But never the less she did encapsulate the perspective of millions of people in America today.

She said essentially, they are looking for a messiah. Someone to seize political control and radically change the world toward their views and away from the views of the past. Please note her use of the word messiah was not strictly political, but it was predominantly political. Choosing the word messiah opened the possibility for a spiritual component to this leader, secondary to his politics.

Her expectations of this leader included unifying people. The greater the scope of this unity the better, even to the point where unifying the whole world will be seen as the ultimate ideal. There is no acknowledgement within this hope that such an action would have to include violent suppression of opposition.

In other words, she was saying, she herself and people like her, are primed and ready for the antichrist.


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