The Wrath of God

The wrath of God is a hot topic in some circles. It has been used by some churches and specifically some preachers as a club to keep people in line. “Do what I want in order to avoid the wrath of God from raining down on you!” This is similar to the KKK wearing white sheets and trying to scare people, not just by being murderous but by looking like ghosts. But these are immature uses of a Biblical concept.

Scripture does discuss the wrath of God from time to time. The word is generally employed when people and their behaviors have reached the point God decides to judge them or to warn them they are in danger of judgment.

This is the other reason the wrath of God becomes a hot topic. There are many who say God has no right to take this kind of action. I assume these are the same people who want to throw off all authority, not just of God but of family and government as well. But again it’s an immature viewpoint to prefer these things.

The controls of government, the authority of parents, when rightly used, keep us safe. So it is also with God’s wrath, only with God He never misuses His power. He has the right, actually it might be more accurately portrayed as a responsibility, to use disciplinary action on humanity.  Without it we become something far worse.

But even His use of discipline is more a matter of grace than of retribution. We are not struck down at every sin, in fact He allows sins to go a long ways before severe action is taken. This is to our benefit, since a stricter enforcement would have eliminated everyone, including me and you.


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