Facebook Theology

I have been off my normal schedule lately because I am spending most of my time in my wife’s hospital room. Although I do end up with more time to write during her recovery, I also have less focus. The only writing I have gotten done on schedule is updating Facebook so family and friends will know how she is doing.

I bring this up now because while considering what I might post for Theology Thursday I began to realize how Facebook is like bad theology. You see Facebook makes decisions about who to show what post to. This decision is made on both how much Facebook contact you have with the person and how popular the post is.

The end result is not all of our friends have been getting every post. Instead Facebook starts off by sending it only to a select few people. Then when those friends like it or put a comment the post becomes more popular and therefore Facebook decides it’s popular and therefore shows it to more people. These also comment and the cycle continues.

The end result is some people are getting updates from back on the surgery date now. Others are getting comments about setbacks and have never seen updates about the progress made.

The reason I say this trait of Facebook is like bad theology is because most bad theology stems from picking and choosing what doctrinal ideas we like. These get preached on and repeated. Unfortunately this leaves a great deal of our doctrine untaught and unnoticed. Good doctrine fits with its other parts like a well-built machine. Bad doctrine is fit together piecemeal, and leaves large blind spots where our understanding of God is incomplete.

Most people have blind spots in their doctrine. But the problem is easily alleviated by reviewing a systematic theology. This term is used to describe an attempt at discussing every aspect of doctrine and how different ideas dove tail together on a good belief system.


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