Looking Too Close

The building appears to be abandoned.

But I find myself wondering about the details.

Why did they put up strips of wood to cover the windows instead of solid sheets of plywood?  Strips allow weather to pass through between them. They also allow light in.

Over one window it says, “No Trespassing.” It’s scrawled by hand. A sign would have looked more official. The words tell you not to go in, but their location marks the only place you could get in.

I figure somebody is still using the building for something. But don’t ask me to go check it out.


(Written for Friday Fictioneers. Follow this link if you would like to see the picture or if you would like to enter the challenge.)


17 thoughts on “Looking Too Close

    • Peggy, Thanks for reading and commenting. This was just a fairly generic micro fiction piece for a writing challenge. But watch for my blog post tomorrow. It is also micro fiction, but carries more of a point. – Pastor Chip

  1. Dear Chip,

    If this is micro fiction, does that make you Micro Chip? (sorry…not really) Your MC sounds like he has his wits about him. Not a good idea to inspect that building. Nice one.



  2. Your character has obnosed the photo (observed the obvious) and deduced a mystery and it is in his or her nature to approach no closer. Excellent characterisation! I shall steal this approach from you (your heart may be safe but your techniques are very vulnerable)! 🙂

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