Northern Mockingbird


The Northern mockingbird is a remarkable mimic. What this means is it is a bird which will imitate the calls of other birds.

A male will learn up to 200 songs in its lifetime, and it will maintain a different set of songs for spring and summer than he uses for winter.

Any sound he hears repeated often enough will become a part of his repertoire. This has included doorbells, cell phones and car starters.

May I suggest believers should imitate the mockingbird? No, I don’t think you should go around mocking your friends and coworkers. I do however think we could learn to listen better.

The primary person we need to listen to is the Lord. He can and will direct our lives but I am sure our spiritual habits hinder this process.

We often do not think of listening to Him as a part of our daily spiritual routine. We might include intercession without expecting Him to lead our hearts in prayer. We might read our Bibles everyday but forget to open ourselves up to the application of it. We might be aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, but not give Him time to speak to us in the course of our day.

But listening to God is a central part of our relationship with Him. In Matthew 13 Jesus emphasizes this by using the word listen six times in a short span. Half of those uses were a repetition of the phrase first used in verse 15, “Anyone who has ears should listen!”


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