About Brides

Brides are deeply loved. Grooms sacrifice for their brides and will continue to do whatever is reasonably within their power to ensure their safety and happiness.

You cannot be a friend of the groom while despising his bride. He will not tolerate your opinion of her.

Brides are never perfect and no one actually expects them to be, but woe unto any man who makes a point of those imperfections within the hearing of the groom.

The church is referred to as the bride of Christ. We have every reason to believe that His actions toward the bride will be similar to any other groom.

There is frequently a trend to berate the traditional church. People, who call themselves Christians, make it a habit to speak negatively about the church. They belittle church membership and commitment to a specific local church. They prefer the universal church and believe thereby they have taken the moral high ground.

Even if these people are right about weaknesses in the individual churches. Even though they are right to say the universal church is the bride of Christ. They need to remember that individual congregations are what the universal church is made of.

Beware the groom when picking apart the bride.


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