The Fishpond

Friday Fictioneers is one of several weekly flash fiction writing challenges that I sometimes participate in.  If you wish you can follow the link to see you to enter as well. Below is a picture used as the prompt for this weeks challenge


Copyright–Douglas M. Macilroy


Rick loved being a leader, but he hated politics.

He walked to the courtyard of the state congressional offices and stared down into the fish pond.

A lobbyist approached, “Senator Tyler can I have a few minutes of your time?”

“Sure, just make an appointment with my secretary.”

The man grumbled an apology and left.

Rick sprinkled breadcrumbs into the pond; he pitied the fish fighting for their share.

Only took a few minutes for the majority leader to find him, “Rick, the oil lobby is a crucial part of our reelection strategy.”

Rick pitied the politician’s fighting for crumbs in their fishpond.


11 thoughts on “The Fishpond

  1. The oil lobby is no crumb; it’s the whole loaf of bread. Seems to me that Rick’s more than his share. Nice story and well told.

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