Pressing My Luck

It was in the public library, and I realized it was my lucky fountain the day I asked out a cheerleader. I took a long drink, and spoke from my heart. She said yes, even though she was out of my league.

 I took a long drink before sending in my college application. I took a long drink before proposing to my wife. The fountain always worked. Before investing in the market. When changing jobs. The fountain always paid off big.

 But then they closed the library. I couldn’t get to the fountain and my life was falling apart.

 So tonight, before they demolish it, I came to get my lucky fountain. It’s been slower work than I expected.

 Why is an alarm going off outside? A crowd of people are staring this way.

 Why is the demolition crew out there?

 Oh. My watch stopped!

 Wait, I’m still inside! WAIT! . . .


This was written for a Flash Friday Competition a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t get it quite polished that week and wanted to finish it and put it up in this setting to redeem myself. 


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