Rescue on the Winn-Dixie Ocean

Friday Fictioneers is an opportunity for people who like to write to put together a micro-fiction piece and display it for the world, and other writers, to comment on. This is my second time submitting, and all comments are welcome. The hostess gives us a photo for us to consider in our story. The photo below is this weeks prompt. If you like doing this sort of thing, you might save the link and enter something for yourself. But be warned, I am finding writing for these weekly events is addictive.


For Garrett and Jayson it was a successful journey across the Paved Desert to the shores of the Winn-Dixie Ocean. The two soldiers saw three tall ships in the bay. “Pirates.” Jayson muttered.

They hid behind a Ford—uhm—a tree. There was no sign of the pirates. Hopefully, they were ashore, but with such valuable cargo they didn’t expect it to be that easy.

A sinister voice rose behind them. “Can I help you boys?” Caught unaware they took desperate action. Diving into the waves, they swam to the first ship, reached over the bow, and grabbed their quarry.

“Mom, we got your purse!”


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