Canada Goose

Canada goose

A while back I took my best camera through a city park hoping to find something worthy of photographing. I saw house sparrows, common grackles, mourning doves, and – of course- I saw Canada geese.  There were lots of Canada geese.

The problem is these are all extremely common birds. They are so common birders don’t really want to see any more of them. They have earned the familiar and unflattering moniker, junk birds. I would have thrilled to see a warbler of any variety.  A grebe would have been grand.  A bunting would have made a beautiful shot.

But all I had were these common, junk birds. Amongst the junk birds, the Canada goose has to be the junkiest.  They quickly become lazy in human environs, and make nuisances of themselves. Through abundant proliferation they crowd out more interesting species. Their feeding habits can destroy a manicured lawn. I would rather avoid talking about their guano altogether.

Funny thing is, if the bird was less common we would look at it totally differently. It is a rather smartly dressed fellow. It is graceful both on the water and in the air. If only it wasn’t so common.

Do you ever feel like a Canada goose, too ordinary to be counted? Perhaps if you were an evangelist, pastor or missionary then God would take note of you.

Maybe if you accomplished something great to make you stand out, perhaps curing cancer or inventing a car that runs off grass clippings. Some people want to be known by what they have done. Others want to stand out for what they have. Do you remember the kids in high school that had the cool cars?

The good news is God doesn’t look at humanity like birders look at birds. He values each and every individual, including you. You don’t have to do something spectacular, you already are something spectacular. You are someone made by God, in His image, and planned for His glory.

Find your value in God’s love for you as described in Psalm 145:8-10 (HCSB)

The Lord is gracious and compassionate,

slow to anger and great in faithful love.

The Lord is good to everyone;

His compassion rests on all He has made.

All You have made will thank You, Lord;

the godly will praise You.


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