New Patriotism

We need a new patriotism.

I don’t mean we need more patriotic people, although that would be a good thing.

I don’t mean we need more people displaying their patriotism, waving flags and so on.  Although this too, would be a good thing.

I think we need a new patriotism, as in displaying their patriotism in new ways. I think we need to show patriotism by taking personal responsibility for the health of our nation.

The current approach to solving our problems seems to be to find who to blame. Small companies blame large corporations. The poor blame the rich for not paying enough taxes. The Democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa. Everyone outside of politics blame the politicians.

Blame is not a solution.

In my new model of patriotism, we would quit looking at it as a problem created by the other guy and start thinking of it as a problem created by everybody, including us. Then make it a matter of personal pride to stop being a part of the problem in as many ways as possible.

Here are some obvious examples. We should refuse to organize our personal lives and relationships in such a way as to need help from the government. We should refuse to expect government programs to take care of us in ways we could have taken care of ourselves. We should refuse to take education or employment lightly. We would also refuse any spending pattern or government regulation which suppresses the entrepreneurial opportunities in our country.

Real patriotism would be when everyone pulls together to overcome our problems.


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