Shutdown Politics

So the government is deciding it needs to go into a partial shutdown because of a lack of funds. I would be more encouraged if I really believed this was a sign of responsible financial behavior.

Am I the only one who is getting the impression the shutdown is being designed more to make people uncomfortable than to save money?

Barricading off open air monuments makes no sense, especially those which receive no public funds.  Even if they did, what expense are they saving, trash removal?  I expect we will be spending more on barricades and enforcement than we ever would have leaving the monuments open.

It looks like it is designed to make people angry in hopes that the public will force republicans to give way. In fact, everything done by the administration seems to be about undermining the credibility of the republicans. Is it really the unofficial motto of this administration that it doesn’t matter what happens as long as you have someone to blame?

Have politicians forgotten we elected them to govern? Do they really believe their country is served by demonizing their opponents?


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