American Tyranny

I know people who believe Obama never plans to leave office. They think he will find a way to remain and use the powers of government to set in place the first American dictatorship. Admittedly he does have some very creative ideas about the proper use of government resources, and The Department of Homeland Security has been making some curious acquisitions. So I grudgingly admit they could be right.

Yet I don’t believe he will stay in office. At the end of his term he will exit in the same way he served, specifically to the jeers of some and cheers of others. He will then retire to the courtroom of history, where he will be judged as mercilessly as other recent presidents.

What really interests me is what will happen next. I could be wrong on this prediction too, but I think the country which reelected Obama will elect someone else just as unknown, unqualified, idealistic, and liberal. If anyone hopes the nation has learned its lesson and will change its course, I remind you our nation had the opportunity to vote Obama out and failed to do so.

If my prediction proves true, oppression will continue its rise. American tyranny doesn’t need a single autocrat to stay in power. Instead it can thrive under a series of presidents elected by a populace who believe big government and an abundance of regulation can solve all our problems. So I don’t fear the continuation of our current president as a dictator, I fear the electorate choosing to perpetuate tyranny through elections rather than voting for taking personal responsibility for the state of their own lives.

The heart of freedom is taking personal responsibility. Placing responsibility for our lives on government is the opposite of freedom; it is the birth-pangs of American tyranny. Given the choices, personal responsibility rocks.


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