Political Truth Telling

I am not a fan of the current president, but don’t think this means I enjoy reading every criticism which I find on blogs, facebook, or the press.

Some of the statements I don’t enjoy are childish, others are blatant lies, and yet others are subtle half-truths laced with exaggerations. At first pass these falsehoods might make me laugh, but in the long run they make me cringe.

We have an administration which has given us a multitude of valid points of concern. Taking deceitful stabs at the chief executive is a poor substitute for addressing the genuine issues and hard truths which threaten our nation.

We live in a time when the populace is heavily divided by political ideology. When we fail to communicate clearly, truthfully, and patiently we are expanding this divide.

In the long run, these behaviors encourage our opponents, and those few undecided voters, to dismiss conservative values as irreverent and irrelevant. Communicating the factual problems to them becomes impossible because they associate this perspective with manipulative, immature tactics.

We validate those who would accuse us of drumming up phony scandals, because they can see how much antagonistic data is in fact, phony.

Failure to stick to the facts strengthens the liberal ideologies we should be combating. If we want to turn around the political climate we need to behave better.

We need to see more fact based reporting, and less whining. We must consider the value of presidential actions instead of mocking his every move, whether in the right direction or the wrong. We must communicate the values behind our positions, instead of trumping up the weaknesses of our opponents positions.


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